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//////You can call me Suki too//////
I like to draw things. That's all I guess.

I drew this some months ago. The powerful Magical Girls! I’m supposed to be the one in blue clothes and haveafreakday is the girl in red. we are a team.
Amethyst from Steven Universe because I love this show!
How to backgrounds.

No light, no lightIn your bright blue eyesI never knew daylight could be so violentA revelation in the light of dayYou can’t choose what stays and what fades away.

Credits to: smattila’s photography, which inspires the background.
I’m back, I guess.

Woa, it has been a long (long, long) time since my last update here.

But it’s time to start using my page properly. So I’m going to try to update all my stuff and all the things I should be doing.

Pfff hello again.

haveafreakday was like: Maybe Sora from digimon 01 and number 6? `u´


Mmmmm… weird style hahaha, but yeah, here is it.


haveafreakday was like: Maybe Ranmao from Kuroshitsuji and number 7? `u´


Thanks for asking!♥



I doodled this cutie from the today’s update.

God bless Ava’s demon.
God bless Michelle.
And god bless Tuls. ♥
Happy 2014! 
Well those are my “masterpieces” of 2013. What a shame. 
I’ve not drawn cool things this year. 2013 was more a year of practice, and I didn’t do nothing remarcable. But I’m happy, I’ve got some of my 2012’s resolutions.
   - I’ve found an style that I can call “mine”, and I’m so proud of it.
   - I’ve practiced a lot of types of bodies, expresions and faces.
   - Oh my god so much homestuck I’m so sorry.
   - I’ve tried a lots of ways for shading!
They are not a lot of skills, but I think I’ve improved this year.
And I’ve got more resolutions for this 2014!
   - Fixing my style.
   - Improving my ways to couloring and shading.
   - Please god let me finish my drawings.
   - Submit here in tumblr and deviantart the finished pieces. So important.
   - Working with backgrounds, mecha, vehicles and more dinamic poses. 
   - Starting with nsfw.

Wish me luck!
Gamzee singing like hot chocolate is now headcanon or what.
This weekend I went to a convention, with my cosplay of Vriska (sunday), and I met this lovely John.
She is so cute, I really love her cosplay. *-*
(Sorry, iPhone quality)
Vriska Serket:
John Egbert: